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We Are Hungry Sermon Series

WE ARE HUNGRY recognizes the hunger we have in this uncertain time. We are hungry for daily bread as families and communities suffer. We are hungry for community and connection as we experience isolation from neighbors and loved ones. We are hungry for healing and life-giving relationships. We are hungry for justice and hope. What are you hungry for? As we explore this series, we will listen for ways that Jesus fills our hunger and empowers us to feed one another.

  • Sep. 13 - Hungry for Daily Bread Scripture: John 6:1-14 
  • Sep. 20 - Hungry for Healing Scripture: Luke 18:35-43
  • Sep. 27 - Hungry for Community Scripture: James 2:1-13
  • Oct. 4 - Hungry for Justice Scripture: Isaiah 1:12-20
  • Oct. 11 - Hungry for Love Scripture: 1 John 4:7-16

(posted September 8, 2020)

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