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Bethany Beach Retreat

The Bethany Beach Retreat is scheduled for early September each year. (View our calendar for exact dates.)

Check this page for information to help to make your weekend as enjoyable as possible!

Items to Consider Bringing With You:

  • Linens for twin beds, pillows, foam mattress (if needed), pack-n-play (for babies and toddlers)
  • Bathroom linens and beach towels
  • Alarm clock (if you want one)
  • Small fan for warm nights
  • Plastic hangers for hanging up wet swimsuits
  • Night light
  • Over-the-counter medications, e.g., pain relievers, fever reducers, aloe for sunburns, upset stomach medications (just in case)
  • Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses for protection
  • Flashlight
  • Shower shoes (if staying in Campbell Hall)
  • Toiletry caddy (if staying in Campbell Hall)
  • Booster seat and high chair (for babies and toddlers)
  • Ziplock bags for wet, messy shoes, and clothes on the way home (as well as shells that may be collected)
  • Beach stuff (toys, chairs, blankets)
  • Favorite games for game night
  • Specialty foods if needed - refrigerators available in each dorm
  • Anything needed for your special talent
  • Light jacket or sweater
  • Cooler and money for fresh vegetable/fruit stands on the way home

For additional information, check out the Christian Church Capital Area's page about the Bethany Beach Conference Center.

Bethany Beach Conference Center

Helpful Information:

  • Buy an EZ-Pass for the Bay Bridge - you'll save precious time Friday night.
  • Bethany is a small community - you can walk almost anywhere you'd like to go.
  • Be prepared for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • There is a local convenience store in Bethany.
  • If you like healthy snacks, bring some with you!
  • If you drink lots of water, bring bottles with you, or you can buy them at the local store.
  • If you have picky eaters, bring snacks - fridges are available.
  • Let the kitchen staff know a week in advance if you have special dietary needs.
  • Meals are served family-style.
  • Be prepared to clean up after yourself - unfortunately, there's no maid service!
  • Consider packing the car before breakfast on Sunday.
  • Cleaning up right after breakfast is recommended - that way, you can get some extra time at the beach on Sunday.
  • Don't forget to bring money for offering Sunday morning - your offering helps support the church during the winter months!
  • If you need darkness to sleep, bring some window coverings; at the beach, the sun rises early.


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