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Lent 2019: Come to the Table

Our Lent focus is an invitation to Come to the Table, to journey with Jesus on his way to the cross, and find our welcome there. The table is a central part of the way we worship at University Christian Church. We gather every Sunday to share the bread and cup, remembering who Jesus is and what Jesus offers to sustain our lives right now. We truly believe we encounter God in flesh, love incarnate, in this moment together.

You are invited to experience that too.

During the season of Lent, 40 days of preparation, prayer, and fasting before Easter, we encourage you to begin to pray and fast in new ways. Fasting is a spiritual discipline of giving something up. While food or sweets have been a traditional practice over the years, you might choose to turn away from negative voices in your life, turn off social media, begin a new practice to work for justice or wholeness, or try reading the Bible or a section of the Bible. Praying comes in many forms, whether through silence, meditation, praying psalms, singing, journaling, or simply talking to God. What's great about our church is that we expect that everyone will find their own way and make this time unique.

To gather resources, find out about small groups to connect with, and see some of our Lent schedule, check out our Lenten Guide landing page. Thank you for walking with us and Christ through the next 40 days.

- Rev. Nathan Hill

(posted 3/7/19)