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Invest in Futures by Supporting Week of Compassion

On February 16 and 23, we will receive our special offering for Week of Compassion, a ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Through this offering, we invest in programs that create opportunities, empowering people and communities, and yielding fruit for many years to come. When we join our hands together in prayer and in the sharing of our financial gifts, we join together as co-workers in service of the fruitful future God promises for us all.

Week of Compassion's work takes them around the world to communities in need, even those communities right here in our own backyard. Where they show up, we show up. And where we show up, Christ is with us and with those who suffer. Your generous gifts make a difference.

Please read the attached article to find out one way that Week of Compassion gives to those powerful callings, and how we get to make a difference as well.

(posted 1/30/20)

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