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Lent Series: Questions Welcome

I would not be a Christian today if it wasn’t for God moving through so many people, especially mentors who were there for me at tough times in my life.

What did these mentors do to make such a difference?

- They listened to me without judging me, especially my questions about faith and life.
- They loved me, despite my mistakes and rough edges.
- They gave me space to figure things out and sometimes pushed me to try something new.

Looking back, I see these as acts of love and discipleship that helped shape me and encourage me to continue to look for God in my life.

In particular, when I struggled with my faith, when I struggled with reading scripture, when I struggled with my relationship to the church, these mentors welcomed my questions. Sometimes, they challenged me with their own questions. Sometimes, they did not give me an easy answer. But they listened and welcomed, and it made a huge difference in my faith.

Beginning on March 1, we begin our Lent sermon series as part of our 40 day period of preparation for Easter. We are invited to fast, pray, and study in anticipation for Holy Week. As part of this series, our sermon series will explore the many questions asked of Jesus from those around him, questions that he welcomed and responded to as part of his ministry and his acts of love and discipleship with those around him.

March 1 - Matthew 4:1-11 - If you are the Son of God…
March 8 - John 3:1-17 - How can these things be?
March 15 - John 4:5-42 - Where do you get that living water?
March 22 - John 9:1-41 - How were your eyes opened?
March 29 - John 11:1-45 - Do you believe this?
April 5 - Palm Sunday - Matthew 21:1-11 - Who is this?
April 12 - Easter - Matthew 28:1-10 - Do Not Be Afraid

If you could ask questions of Jesus, what would you ask? Join us for this conversation, as we listen together for answers that help us live justly.

-- Rev. Nathan Hill

(posted February 27, 2020)