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Fall Kickoff Is September 15

We like to get our fall started with a big meal together. We worship, cook out, and gear up for new opportunities to grow in faith and impact our community. This is a great Sunday for people new to the neighborhood who are curious about our church to find out how they can plug in. Discover more about our women's groups, upcoming bible studies, service projects, and leadership opportunities.

Save the date - more details are on their way.

September 15, 2019 - 10:45 AM worship followed by community cookout

(posted July 28, 2019)

Position Opening: Education Coordinator (Updated)

Once again, we are taking applicants and preparing to setup initial interviews for candidates of our Education Coordinator position.

The Education Coordinator is a part-time position for someone who loves working with children and youth, helping develop and grow the spirituality of young people, and is excellent at coordinating and communicating in a diverse community of faith with families, leaders, and volunteers. Students are welcome to apply. Training in the model of Christian education (similar to a Montessori style approach to teaching and learning) will be provided. The salary has also been doubled.

Deadline to Apply: September 1, 2019

See the PDF for more details about the position.

(posted July 18, 2019)

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